Out On Limb

This is a watercolor on watercolor canvas, which I’ve never used before. Every medium has its own very distinct look.

This wood stork is young. Notice that it still has tufts on the top of its head, and its beak is not yet overly long.Wood storks are among the most bizarre looking birds! I just love his pink feet! Here he is, out on a limb, just waiting for someone to take him home.

This piece is 12″w x 24″ h.


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The Beauty In A Spoon

The Beauty In A Spoon is a watercolor using subtle color changes. I love the somewhat muted palatte, and the bowl of the spoon, which catches the colors surrounding it in the room. There’s the faint orange of a nearby ruler, and the blue of a glass bird. Our lives are filled with shadows and reflections, and the fun part of painting is choosing which ones to put in a piece.


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This is a beautiful watercolor painting set in a country french frame. The look on the face of this young woman is arresting. Part of this piece was chosen to be on a billboard!

A wonderful group called “ArtPop” (ArtPop Street Gallery) is on a move to fill billboards all across the US and I was one of five chosen to be on a billboard in Charleston, SC. Here is the piece:

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