Women Waiting

Out On A Limb

This piece, “Out On A Limb,” was so much fun to paint!

This is a watercolor on watercolor canvas, which I’ve never used before. Every medium has its own very distinct look.

This wood stork is young. Notice that it still has tufts on the top of its head, and its beak is not yet overly long.Wood storks are among the most bizarre looking birds!

Women Waiting

The Three Gents

If you clump mature wood storks together, they look just like old men. For fun, I thought I’d just throw in this humorous watercolor take of wood storks that I did many years ago. It now hangs in the home of dear friends.

Women Waiting

This is my first drawing exploring the “look.”

I apologize that all of these images are rather dark at the bottom. They were taken with my Iphone 7 in my studio.

Where to put the knees? I can’t tell you how many times I moved the knees up and down. These fellows have deceptively long legs!

At this stage, I’m also trying to determine the length of the beak, which becomes really long as the bird matures. Much like herons and egrets, the necks of wood storks can tuck into their shoulder and back, giving them a hunched-over look, which adds to their overall crazy appearance.

Those pink feet!  That’s when I think God made animals not only for our pleasure, but also for a real laugh! Life would be so colorless without them.

Here you can see the canvas and strokes. Again, these Iphone photos don’t do the finished fellow justice. He is really much brighter, and the background is actually white.

Here he is, out on a limb. He’s standing here waiting for someone to take him home.

This photo is more accurate as it was taken with my Canon. The painting is 12″x24″.