How this still life evolved

I started out with this rather pathetic setup. The rose was dying, and I’m working against time. I loved the light on the vase, and the colors in the rose, but not the pine table top. This is when I decided to improvise.



I laid in the grey background first, then proceeded with the rose, and suggested the vase.

The more I defined the rose, the more I liked the suggestion of the vase. I sort of liked the realism against the more free form. 

I then filled in the vase imagining what it would be like if the pine side table were dark. I did not like the vase filled in. To me, it lost the spontaneity

So I went back to suggesting the vase with simple line where the light hits the curves and edges. I put in reflections of the rose to bring more color to the vase, and to draw the eye down. I want you to know that I spent, probably, the most time on that little line in the upper lefthand corner of the base of the vase. It’s truly amazing how a small dot can change the weight or balance of a painting.

Now I’m turning to the FABLES again. I’d love to complete them by the end of March.

Now I’m Working on the Fable,

Owl’s Client

I’m going back and forth between illustrating and fine art. I really love both!

 “What seems to be the problem, Mr. Mole?” said Owl.

You’ll have to read the Fable to find out what happens…