Watercolor, Pastel, Pencil & Oil Portraits

bridal commission

Three Fincher Siblings. This piece was done in pastel based on a photograph of when the children were young. This is a large piece.

bridal commission

Rosie and Her Flowergirls is a watercolor done on a full sheet of Arches watercolor paper (22″ x 30″). What a wonderful challenge…all those layered dresses!  This portrait was a surprise gift from Rosie’s husband. Rosie was thrilled!

Sandy (Doots). This watercolor of a dear friend was commissioned by the family for her husband. I wanted to capture the wonderful humor  and love of life in the eyes and smile. Sandy’s wearing a necklace given to her by her husband.

“I can’t begin to describe the impact of your painting. Such a blessing. God’s in His heaven and Sandy’s with Him. Love you.” John.

Lydia. What beautiful eyes and hair! I loved capturing the curls. This portrait was done with Derwent pencils on Arches hot press paper.

Caleb. Wonderfully mischevious face and hair just like his sister, Lydia! I loved trying to capture the curls. This portrait was done with Derwent pencils on Arches hot press paper.

oil on canvas of a man, Carl


Oil on canvas portraits

James and his new puppy. James’ grandmother (a dear friend) asked me to paint a portrait as a Christmas present to her son and his wife. She wanted a soft look, and watercolor is a perfect medium for that.

Maddox. What personality! Derwent pencil on BFK Rives paper.

The Traverse Brothers. Charcoal on paper.

“I love the drawing! We met with Sarah one morning and she took pictures of my teenagers while we were having a conversation. She was able to take the photos and piece them together into a work of art. The drawing is beautiful and catches their personalities. Thank you Sarah!” Warm regards, Patrick Traverse


A quick sketch of my daughter, Katrina.

Sophie. I was so taken with this beautiful child! This portrait was done with colored pastel pencils on paper.

This watercolor portrait, “Pensive,” shows a young woman in a reflective mood. I loved the low-key coloration of the subject against the orange bench. I also wanted to capture the light in her hair and the translucent quality of the blouse.


A portrait of this beautiful woman was commissioned by her husband. I wanted to capture the soft look of this wife and mother.

A sketch of my daughter, Katrina, when she was serious about ballet. She was my favorite and ready model!