Watercolor Portraits

watercolor of bridge and flower girls

Rosie and her six flower girls! Luke commissioned this as a surprise Christmas gift for his wife, Rosie. Tackling all these layers of the bride’s and flower girls’ skirts was a challenge. Rosie and Luke were thrilled!

James and his new puppy. James’ grandmother (a dear friend) asked me to paint a portrait as a Christmas present to her son and his wife. She wanted a soft look, and watercolor is a perfect medium for that.

Sandy Withers

This watercolor of a dear friend was commissioned by the family for her husband. I wanted to capture the wonderful humor  and love of life in the eyes and smile.


This watercolor of a young teenager was commissioned by a husband for his wife.

This watercolor portrait, “Pensive,” shows a young woman in a reflective mood. I loved the low-key coloration of the subject against the orange bench. I also wanted to capture the light in her hair and the translucent quality of the blouse.

young woman

This is a watercolor of a young girl and her pet chicken.

watercolor of child and hen
oil painting of man


Oil on canvas portraits
pastel portrait of children


Pastel portraits

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