Still Life

Still Life is an oil painting on canvas. If you’re looking for a beautiful blue, this piece is it! The blue in the vase is captivating, and the cloth underneath adds to the warmth of the painting. The piece would look good in any home, and is in a beautiful gold french country frame.


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The Beauty In A Spoon

The Beauty In A Spoon is a watercolor using subtle color changes. I love the somewhat muted palatte, and the bowl of the spoon, which catches the colors surrounding it in the room. There’s the faint orange of a nearby ruler, and the blue of a glass bird. Our lives are filled with shadows and reflections, and the fun part of painting is choosing which ones to put in a piece.


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This is a beautiful watercolor painting set in a country french frame. The look on the face of this young woman is arresting. Part of this piece was chosen to be on a billboard!

A wonderful group called “ArtPop” (ArtPop Street Gallery) is on a move to fill billboards all across the US and I was one of five chosen to be on a billboard in Charleston, SC. Here is the piece:

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Haitian Mother

ANITE”  -An original watercolor of a lovely Haitian woman. This piece won acceptance into the Alabama Watercolor Society Exhibition.

Anite was raising her four children by herself working for a Haitian Cottage Industry, 2nd Story Goods, when her next door neighbor was forced to leave her home, took her baby, and left her 8-year old daughter behind, alone. Anite took her in.

I was so moved by her story, I decided to do a painting of Anite, sell the *prints, and give a good portion of the money to Anite.

Framed painting is set in a beautiful wood-like frame, which sets off the color of Anite’s skin. 25″h x 26.5″ w



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Just Fishing IV

Just Fishing IV

Man @ Gould's Inlet IV

I saw this man fishing at the beach where I walk most mornings. I loved the way the light played on his hat, the shirt, his skin, and the water. I’ve painting this painting numerous times, and I always am moved by the colors and the light.  I never tire of “JUST FISHING” and this is #IV.

“Just Fishing IV” is 10″ wide by 13.5″ high and is in a beautiful dark wood with a touch of gold frame.


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