Just Fishing

Just Fishing

Man @ Gould's Inlet


I saw this fellow fishing on the rocks on my morning walk by the ocean. He made the perfect picture! I love the colors of blues, sunset purples and yellows, and the light on his shirt and skin. I’ve done numerous paintings of this man, but this one is my favorite!

This painting is done on 300 lb. Arches cold press paper.

“Just Fishing”  is 20″ high x 18.5″ wide.

It is in a beautiful old gold frame –  32.5″ x 32.5″





“CAUTIOUS” is a study I did for a larger piece I intend to do. This piece was triggered by seeing a small photo of my aunt, probably taken back in the early forties. She was in the back of a room filled with prim women perhaps listening to a lecture at the library. All the ladies were wearing sensible shoes and hats. She stood out as being of a different generation, and not quite comfortable.

This piece comes in a trim dark frame.



Taking Off

Taking Off

Canada Goose

I wanted to do this painting, “Taking Off,” after seeing a photograph of this Canada Goose on a friend’s Facebook page. I am so often moved by birds and their vulnerability and grace. They’re like dancers of the ballet sort…

This piece has a grey linen mat with a silver/gold frame and art glass that really shows the colors of the painting.

The painting is 18″h x 24″ w ~ Framed: 31″h x 36″w

$1700.00 framed

Free shipping.



Haitian Mother

ANITE”  -An original watercolor of a lovely Haitian woman. This piece won acceptance into the Alabama Watercolor Society Exhibition.

Anite was raising her four children by herself working for a Haitian Cottage Industry, 2nd Story Goods, when her next door neighbor was forced to leave her home, took her baby, and left her 8-year old daughter behind, alone. Anite took her in.

I was so moved by her story, I decided to do a painting of Anite, sell the *prints, and give a good portion of the money to Anite.

Framed painting is set in a beautiful wood-like frame, which sets off the color of Anite’s skin. 25″h x 26.5″ w



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“Dusk” is a fairly large painting of a Heron and his reflection in the setting sun. I loved the gold and the blues of this time of day. This is a watercolor done on Arches cold press paper. It is presently double matted in a beautiful gold frame with museum glass. It is a spectacular piece for the living room!

The painting is 20 1/4″ x 28 1/4″ and is matted and framed with museum glass. The shipping cost will depend on where it’s going and whether or not the frame is included.





The Blouse

I painted “PENSIVE” for several reasons; I wanted to capture not only the mood of this young woman, but also the way in which the light played on the folds of the white blouse. This piece has won several awards, and is striking.

This painting is on Arches cold press watercolor paper. I’ve included this painting to give an example of the kind of work that I do, especially if someone would like to have a portrait done.

This is not for sale.

Just Fishing IV

Just Fishing IV

Man @ Gould's Inlet IV

I saw this man fishing at the beach where I walk most mornings. I loved the way the light played on his hat, the shirt, his skin, and the water. I’ve painting this painting numerous times, and I always am moved by the colors and the light.  I never tire of “JUST FISHING” and this is #IV.

“Just Fishing IV” is 10″ wide by 13.5″ high and is in a beautiful dark wood with a touch of gold frame.


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My oil painting teacher

This is an oil painting I did of my oil painting instructor, Carl. The model didn’t show up so Carl sat down. He’s got a marvelous face, strong nose and vivid skin colors.

This piece is 12″ w x 16″ h. It comes in a beautiful wood frame (pictured below) 21″w x 25″ h.